RYAN's staff augmentation service delivers meaningful, best value resources to organizations looking for staffing solutions.  

Identifying, hiring, and retaining well-qualified technical staff may be the most challenging opportunity for fulfilling and maintaining the goals of any project. At RYAN we leverage our referral network, partners, and our experienced pool of full-time corporate recruiters supported by a well-established personnel management system to attract, hire, develop, and retain qualified personnel. As a contingency plan, we have established relationships with several prominent IT staffing organizations able to assist in the event of surge and back-fill requirements with very little notice.

The RYAN team focuses on placing consultants with people skills and business aptitude in addition to technological skills. We hire experienced people who reflect:

  • The ability to translate business objectives into technical solutions
  • Technical skills that match the project's objective and vision
  • Experience in assuring on time project deliverables and schedule adherence
  • Commitment to complete customer satisfaction
  • Strong communication skills
  • Dedication to teamwork and accountability
Cost Management & Flexibility

By managing the costs and logistical concerns related to human resources via staff augmentation, organizations are able to gain access to additional resources on an as-needed basis. Very typically over the life of a given project, staff augmentation provided by RYAN is less costly than hiring and retaining full-time staff as permanent members of an organization. Overhead costs of human resources are absorbed into the simplified cost of each staff member we provide which removes that burden from organizational budgets and HR staff. At the end of a given project, organizations may also choose to directly hire selected augmented resources as permanent staff. 

Access to Spectrum of Skills

From administrative support to strategic advisory and executive leadership, our pool of resources represent a wide range of administrative, technical, executive, and IT skillsets. This allows your organization to tap into specialized expertise when needed or provide staffing for day-to-day operations.

When you choose RYAN staff augmentation, your organization maintains total control. Our resources will take direction from your managers and executives. Leveraging company leadership to supervise resources improves the integration with the existing teams and reduces resistance from your employees. However, if your needs include complete end to end staff augmentation, RYAN can also provide executive, middle, and shift management staff as required to ensure the success of your project.