In today's viable marketplace, establishments are challenged to develop, operate and manage their IT infrastructure and operation organizations in a manner that is cost-effective, competitive, and flexible in light of changing professional requirements. Many organizations call upon expert third-party IT service providers, such as RYAN, that specialize in infrastructure service delivery. Whether limited in scope, or universal, achieving the right balance of internal and external delivery resources is essential for long-term success.

Since 2001, RYAN has advised companies on successful infrastructure arrangements that improve their bottom line and deliver the quality of competencies that are essential for business operations. Whether a business is considering a sourcing option for all or part of its IT infrastructure, RYAN can help sort out priorities, evaluate alternatives, and build a plan for action.

RYAN can help a business design, implement and deliver on the structural initiatives related to any part of its IT infrastructure operations -- RYAN guides improvements through practical expertise in structural alternatives.

 RYAN supports companies with a customized service delivery strategy, outsourcing strategy, and ongoing service management and governance:

  • Scope assessment of potential sourcing of infrastructure services with operating models for blended insourced/outsourced responsibilities Service Level
  • Agreements (SLAs) criteria, management 
  • Communications strategy and planning for organizational transition 
  • Change management approach and planning for system-wide change deliver

RYAN's infrastructure expertise includes: 

  • Managed network services for voice, data, video, LAN/WAN and telephony
  • IT security, data privacy, business continuity, disaster recovery for protecting against breach and service interruption and aimed at business resiliency
  • End-User computing for the tools employees need to do their work
  • Help desk and desk-side support services for support anywhere a business and its employees may operate
  • Mainframe expertise to help companies acquire and employ the optimal computing power
  • Midrange service expertise to maximize utility through distributed computing architectures