Providing program executives with quantitative and qualitative insight into the health and hygiene of their project(s) and program(s).

The RYAN Mission Assurance IV&V Methodology is specifically designed to provide Program Executives and Implementation Program Managers the quantitative and qualitative predictive insight to evaluate their programs, provide program health indicators, and identify, assess and recommend risk mitigation strategies. While our methodology is designed to be predictive, it also serves as an audit preparation tool for the Program Manager, Portfolio Manager, and Program Executives, providing an unbiased independent snapshot of program status and our expert opinion on program viability along with recommended courses of action to improve or maintain overall program quality. We understand the importance of maintaining impartiality, objectivity, and confidentiality and are dedicated to delivering superior IV&V services to all of our local, state, federal, and corporate commercial customers.

Our methodology can be applied at any stage of any program to identify gaps, risks, vulnerabilities, control concerns, and related findings using a module-based approach with specific but adaptable Mission Critical Areas. Based on the level of program risk and complexity, the IV&V methodology we employ provides concentrated analysis in order to anticipate and predict where problems could occur, and provide the implementation program manager remedial options with ample, reasonable lead time to correct the issue before it becomes a significant program impediment or a source of increased risk.

Built on established Industry Best Practices, our IV&V Assessments result in Actionable Recommendations which reduce Program Risk and improve Program Quality
RYAN IV&V Past Performance
Our past performance includes successful delivery of IV&V services to the following major ERP implementations:

  • US Air Force Integrated Personnel and Pay System (AF-IPPS)
  • Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS)
  • US Air Force Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS)
Government Testimonials

Every MCA has primary goals and objectives which a program is measured against and from which key metrics are extracted for reportability, auditability, and probability of program success. The MCAs are dynamically updated as proven industry methodologies are adopted as standards so that the RYAN IV&V Mission Assurance methodology remains current and relevant as an effective and efficient cornerstone for improving project and program quality.

The mission critical areas are analyzed utilizing our predictive evaluation and research methodology to proactively ascertain program strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats so that they can be effectively exploited and/or corrected.

MCAs are the foundation of the Ryan IV&V Mission Assurance Methodology

The RYAN Mission Assurance IV&V Approach encompasses a strategic set of tasks designed to ascertain whether or not a program is in alignment with its own goals as well as with industry best practices for each Mission Critical Area (MCA). IV&V is tailored to each project or program and to the current phase and need of the program lifecycle, and is a reiterative, continuous improvement process. Our delivery ideology emphasizes timely and relevant reporting of executable recommendations to ensure program success.  

It is independent of any allegiance to the organization being assessed thereby eliminating bias in assessment findings.

Repeatable, proven technical approach that encompasses a strategic set of tasks

IV&V intends to confirm, by examination of objective evidence, that specified requirements have been fulfilled and best practices are being integrated inherently into the subject IT environment. This confirmation is obtained through a reiterative process which begins with review of previous findings, client artifacts, and data. Discovery continues via meeting observation, project reviews, interviews, surveys and analysis of all findings to provide our clients the final independent assessment.

Our IV&V assessment methodology is infused in industry best practices, frameworks, bodies of knowledge & references:

Our IV&V deliverables include detailed assessment reports providing Program Health, Hygiene and Key Performance Indicators

The RYAN Mission Assurance IV&V Methodology tailors the evaluation protocols as well as the delivery methodology of IV&V findings according to your specific organizational needs and the lifecycle phase of the project(s) or program(s) to be assessed. This facilitates minimizing the negative impact of implementing IV&V recommendations to schedule and cost while promoting quality through critical, time sensitive course correction activities. Our granular, modular customization of IV&V also ensures that our evaluation techniques are the most appropriate for the program phase and for the technology and resource base employed.

IV&V deliverables typically include assessment reports profiling the status of the program or project, outlining the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, (SWOT) as assessed by the IV&V Team. Fully-vetted Findings and associated actionable Recommendations are detailed for each relevant MCA in relationship to industry best practices and organizational desired outcomes for each project or program.